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Spike Tablets


I purchased the tablets a week ago and tried them out the past few days before lifting. The first time i took the tablets i only took one. It did nothing for me. So the next day, i took 2 before my workout. Again, it did nothing. So I'm wondering, do some people just not react to them at all. I was thinking about taking 3 but I don't know if thats a good idea. Any suggestions or comments.


I didn't get anything out of them either, but the energy drink is the real deal. I think anyone who felt something from the tablets just got a placebo effect.


I tried a tablet years ago as a sample. Didn't notice a thing.

Now Spike Shooters taste great and will amp you up. Sadly they are quite expensive on the regular, but since I don't like coffee, they are sometimes needed.


here's two good ways to notice the effects of those Spike tabs:

  • use the day after an all-nighter, or a night where you got much less sleep than normal. Notice its effects on that lingering, sleep-debt feeling during that following day

  • use before you sit down for any writing project: draft a business later, update your resume, write a paper for school whatever, this one is foolproof


I use the Spike tablets a few times a week, every week... they are AMAZING... to me, with prolonged use, I not only have the heightened energy effect but an elevated mood and increased cognitive ability...




I think they work very well.


Spike tablets aren't really a party-party type of amped up.

It's more of a neural booster. I agree with Chillain and Iron Rhino.

Chillain's method is a great way to test it's effectiveness.


A few buddies say they feel it better when they take them with grapefruit juice.
I haven't had any problem taking them by themselves.
One works well for me.


take on an empty stomach


Spike tablets are my favorite supplement of all time. It is a different kind of stimulant buzz than one would get with high doses of caffeine. It is more of a cognitive boost, as others have mentioned. My brain just seems to work better.