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Spike Shotgun?

I live 45 minutes away from Biotest, so I hear on the local radio promotions here and there mainly about Spike. They had them when the Spike Shooter came out. A couple weekends ago they were going on about the “Spike Shotgun.” I never found out what this product is, or if they were just doing a trial run up in the Springs. I believe it was at a 7-11, but I could be wrong.

I googled and got nothing so I thought maybe they were testing the market. Since the Shooter was so strong, my thoughts were maybe they were releasing a smaller version like the size of the 5 hour energy bottle. Just slam the shotgun and your ready to go.

My bro thought maybe they were shotgunning cans of the Spike Shooter for some stunt on the radio, that is beyond crazy so I don’t think that was the case. If anyone shotgunned a Shooter, something tells me they would be hurting unless they built up a tolerance.

So, which is it, has anyone heard of the Spike Shotgun?

Yeah, there’s a large can to the right —>

holy shit, I just realized that. talk about proper marketing/timing.

i’m not seeing it in the store???

ooh! im liking the Spike Shotgun. It’ll probably give me a buzz even with my tolerance. I’m buying a case!

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
i’m not seeing it in the store???[/quote]

I don’t see it in the store either (at least, not last time I checked). However, it’s definitely there.

Jesus. I get tweaked out off of half a can.

This is gonna be awesome!!!

I noticed they replaced the yohimbie with beta-alanine. I’m fucking creaming my pants right now.

[quote]Brant_Drake wrote:
I noticed they replaced the yohimbie with beta-alanine. I’m fucking creaming my pants right now.

Damn. I just saw that too. I wish I had money, I’d get myself a pack of this.


Extra ingredients, more caffeine, double the amount for $10 less.

It’s in the store now, but Ill be waiting till my neeeeeext order.

I was wondering why they wouldn’t let this post through this morning. Biotest I’m available for contract work anytime you need me.

Nice ingredients change. Might have to see if the local 7-11’s are carrying them to give this a try. I would order a case, but then that would just give me an excuse to always have an energy drink before physical activity. I’d rather save it for special occasions.

Nice, I’ll have to give this a try. I’ve avoided the Spike Shooter in the past since I may not make it through the border. I’ll have to give this a try when I order next.

this looks a little insane i will definitely need some.

33,333 % of your daily value of B vitamins.

350mgs of caffeine (more caffeine you’d find in 4 cans of red bull or 10 cans of Coca Cola!)

All I’m saying is don’t let the kids make Jager Bombs with this stuff.

Looking at the formual it seems to equate to about five and half pills that is just crazy!!! I couldnt imagine taking 6 pills and I have taken five that is ust insane.

[quote]Brant_Drake wrote:
I noticed they replaced the yohimbie with beta-alanine. I’m fucking creaming my pants right now.

Actually, I’m not too happy about that. I really liked what happened when bombing my system with a mega-dose of caffeine stacked with yohimbine.

Ah well, can’t please everyone, I guess.

I will definitely be ordering some of these, I’m a stimulant junky!

Bought my first can for $3.69 from 7-11. The Shooter was $2.69 there. Gotta say I like the new formula. Less caffeine concentration, beta - alanine, which depending on if you are already taking it might not make a difference.

I liked the energy, felt cleaner. Drank half a can, tasted good, wanted to drink the whole can. Had a bike ride and small hike planned and I kicked ass. First ride of the season and was pulling my 40 lb 6 year old up hills. Trained my girlfriend after that and 8 hours later still very alert getting stuff done, like this Shotgun review. I will be buying again when an energy drink is needed before a rigorous activity. I couldn’t see myself just sitting around after drinking these, need to be training or doing something active or when in need of focus.

An 8 oz. cup of coffee has between 100-150 mg. People have been pounding down multiple pots of coffee for decades. I don’t think we’ll be seeing a rash of caffeine-related deaths because Biotest decided to add 50 mg more to their new version of Spike, which by the way I am very excited about.

What math class did you guys last take?

350mg at 16 oz of liquid is NOT ‘more caffeine’ compared to 300mg at 8.4 oz. It’s about half as concentrated.

Is it the same flavor as the original Shooter? I’m curious. Looks like it…

I’d love to see a nice dose of Sclaramax (Decaff Spike) thrown in. Been experimenting with nootropics and haven’t found a combo that works for me.

The original Shooters do nothing for me, unfortunately.