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Spike Shotgun is Awesome


I tried one of these the other day and did a ton of conditioning after my strength work. I wound up doing what I intended and I had so much gas left in the tank I went ahead and doubled it.

I'm not sure if the Spike is what did it, but I felt awesome.

Anybody else felt this way?


Havent tried any of the Spikes but I enjoy using my leftover HOT-ROX Extreme as a training stimulant - anything from 1-3 caps depending on the intensity of the session.


Spike Shotgun Orange Gold rules.


What time of day are you drinking yours? I got into the habit of drinking a 16oz sugar-free Rockstar before my session for a while. I would drink it around 5:00pm and after a few weeks it got to where I couldn't fucking sleep at night so I had to stop. Loved what it did for my energy levels in the gym though.

Anyone experience this with the Spike drinks? I have been hesitant to try them after my experience with the Rockstars.


I had one of these about 2 weeks ago at noon and sipped it until 4 when I trained. It was just as "awakening" as a Spike/Spike Shooter...without the massive energy kick.

Orange Gold is the fucking best. Period.

I should order a case, the store down the road sells the Shotguns for $3.50.


I don't consume any stimulant that late in the day because I know it will keep my awake. Thus, I make sure to drink Spike Shotgun by 2 PM.

One of the nice things about Spike is that there's no crash, so I can have it at 2:00 and still get a nice effect when I train at 6:00.


well queball if you can't train earlier then 5 you probably shouldn't try the Spike. I've used both and Spike Shotgun and the Shooters are awesome and it is unfortunate if you can never experience them. A rockstar contains 160mg caffiene while the blue sugar free (the ones I used to drink) contain 240mg.

The Shooters have 300mg also with tyrosine and yorbimine with 25,000% B 6or12 compared to the 200% in most common energy drinks. Dude find a day when you can get in to the gym earlier and experience Spike!


Cool, thanks.


I tried a regular Spike Shooter once before a workout around 9am and drank maybe about a little over half of it. It definately pumped me up for awhile, but the problem was my appetite wasn't what it normally was so i ate less that day. That plus couldn't fall asleep at a decent time.


For me at least, there's a big difference between Spike Shooter and Spike Shotgun.

I'm too sensitive to Yohimbine, so Spike Shooter works best.