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Spike Shooters + Power Drive = Antagonist?

An old article says that something in Power Drive is antagonistic to an ingredient in Spike. As a result Power Drive should be taken four hours after Spike.

Is the same relationship true for Spike Shooter and Power Drive at the same time?

Any help? Mod Brian always seems to have good answers…

I can see where it’d be too much. The Spike Shooters are really potent for me, maybe I’m sensitive to yohimbine though. Spike Shooters are the most powerfull energy drink I’ve tried. I have to be in a special mood to drink one, where I could drink a Spike Shotgun every day.

It’s been nice having 3 out of the 4 Spike products at the same time. I’ve got to see they all serve their own purpose and has their own function. I would take the Spike before my workout then use the Power Drive afterward when drained and beat down. That’s IMO from experiences with the products.