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Spike Shooter Review (Thumbs Up)

I have drank many, many energy drinks (from Red Bull to Full Throttle to Redline to you name it). I know what makes a good energy drink, and all I have to say is I’m hooked on Spike (too bad I don’t get free ones for this review).

The first thing I noticed, of course, was the taste. I have only drank the Original flavor. It’s not as pungent as Red Bull, but not as sweet as Rock Star. It’s not bad at all and most will favor the taste to other drinks. If taste was the only issue, I would choose a Rock Star. Since taste isn’t, Spike gets my vote (Spike IS STILL TASTY).

The second, and most important factor is the results-the energy I get from the drink. Spike hits the sweet-spot for me. Not too quick and jittery like a Redline, and I can actually GET energy from a Spike unlike shit like Rock Stars, Monsters, etc. I don’t feel jittery and it helps improve my reps while lifting.

Overall, I recommend a Spike to ANYONE needing a boost in energy. This beats all other drinks as Spike isn’t too weak and isn’t too strong. It’s right where an energy drink needs to be. I guess it’s the b-12 and caffeine. Who gives a shit as long it works like it does.

For me, it’s the Yohimbine that makes it work.

Try the Quila Lime, it’s money.

yeah Spike Shooters are freaking awesome. Just wait until you try the 'quila lime. . . its awesome, and it seems that people here say that the Orange Gold is even better. I’d have to say that the Yohimbine makes the shooter hit harder than the others, but the Shotgun doesn’t disappoint either.


I actually liked the original better than the quila lime.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good it is. Really blows away sugar free Red Bull. Just dont make the mistake my buddy did, who mixed Spike with Jager in an attempt to make a Biotest jagerbomb. Tastes like Cherry Robitussin. Thats what he gets for sullying good supplements with booze.

I typically do not like orange flavored products so it took me a while to check out the Orange Gold. I was totally impressed by the taste, it is by far the best of all three.

Orange Gold seriously rocks!

The other flavors are good too, though.

So you like Spike better than Redline? What about Redline Xtreme?

[quote]gabex wrote:
So you like Spike better than Redline? What about Redline Xtreme?[/quote]

Yes and yes.

The question was directed more to the OP since he brought up Redline.

I’ve bought/drank 4 cases of Spike now. The thing I don’t like about Spike is the carbonation. RL Xtreme has the caffeine (though not as much), tyrosine, and yohimbine like the Shooter. It also has Beta Alanine, like the Shotgun/Shots. All of these ingredients without carbonation I really like.

Then it has some feel good ingredients like St Johns Wart and 5-HTP. So I have been drinking these lately. I can’t really say how they compare to Spike, feeling-wise.