Spike Shooter Original Flavor

For anyone that has tried the original flavor of the Spike Shooters, can you describe the taste? I love the 'quila lime, but was looking to pick up a couple of cases due to the new pricing. Thanks.

My favorite flavor for both Shooter and Shotgun is Original. It’s like a fruity berry type flavor. Very very good IMO. I’d drink it all day for the flavor if it wouldn’t cause me to be over stimulated.


the original tasted like cranberry with fizz the qilla lime i like the flavor but for some reason it caused

stomache upset(dont know the reason why) my faorite is golden orange.

[quote]Dedicated wrote:
It’s like a fruity berry type flavor. Very very good IMO.[/quote]

Yep, berry-ish. Depending on what crosses my mind at the time, it could be more raspberry or strawberry, but there are definitely berry, not fruit punchy, notes.

In all my years of mixing protein shakes and concocting drink recipes, I consider the Original Spike Shooter + caffeine-free Diet Coke (mixed in equal parts or 1:2 Shooter:Coke) to be one of my greatest ideas ever. :slight_smile:

Before Spike Shotguns came out, this was my favorite way to have more fluid ounces to drink without getting too psyched up.

Thanks for the quick and reliable feedback guys. I’ll place an order for some now.