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Spike Shooter or HOT-ROX for a Kick?


If I am just looking for a kick in the pants for my morning workout, which one delivers the better punch?

I am a intermediate level weight lifter, 20 yrs old, that will have to be getting up at 5am to workout from now on. THANKS!


Either would do. I would personally try Spike Shotgun, but they all will give you a boost and the power to go through a tough workout.


If cutting HOT-ROX otherwise Spike.


Like everyone else, I would say either one. Both have impressed me thus far.



I go with Spike Shotgun before my toughest training sessions.


For workouts I liked Spike better, for studying for long periods of time, I prefer HOT-ROX


HRX wears off after a consistent few days. If you take it just once a week or something it works well as a stim.

However, you shouldn’t be relying on stims consistently. You’ll just be more tired in general.


Two of these! YEA BUDDAY! I wrote a 20 page term paper once running on BK and Spike Shotgun. Bad crash.

For mornings, I’d go with the Spike. HOT-ROX fucks with my stomach if I take it first thing in the morning then workout.


Thanks for the help everyone. I think i will go with the Spike Shooters. I appreciate everyones opinion, saved me some money.