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Spike Shooter on Fox News Chicago


I just saw a bit before the commercial. Who shouldn't take it, boom or bust? were a couple phrases. I'll keep watching to try and catch the segment but I'm sure it's the typical :frowning:


"An energy drink that blows the others out of the water. Too much of a good thing?"


Let me guess, someone too young drank too much.

the amount of caffeine blah blah can change you emotionally not just physically. Compared Spike caffeine to other drinks.

Several students hospitalized heart rythm issues, I didnt catch the school.

Dangerous Drink? is the banner on the graphic.

At least they included Biotest's warnings.

could have been worse I guess. I suppose they would freak that I can tolerate 2 Spike capsules. :slight_smile:


Report about school banning it:

Guy in car gives it 2 thumbs up

Educated news report about it:


Figures..I used to live in ChicagoLand, and the local news always has "scare stories" like this.

"Crickets! Are they making you fat?! Tune in tonight on Fox 10 News!"


"Toothpaste! Can it cause cancer?!"

Local news just sucks.


Same, 1 has a mild-to-none effect for me.

I wonder how the drinks compare? Guess I'll find out on my next order...