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Spike Shooter MySpace

Just found this:



Great music! And the girls ain’t bad either!

Cool stuff, go Biotest!

I just really can’t wait until Biotest have a warehouse in europe =D

Which reminds me… better go try out that new credit card here at the store (and hope the shipping won’t kill me =)

Thought this was interesting. If you are in colorado there is a listing here:


Of stores that carry the Spike Shooter. Looks like there is one in my own backyard. Sweet!

On the subject of Spike…

Powered by Spike:

It’s amazing how GSP just does NOT seem to tire, or lose focus AT ALL… Spike?

I can’t wait for my Spike to arrive on monday =D

LOL. sorry man, but that was from 2002. GSP wasnt sponsored by Spike then.

rrjc: you ruined my beautiful dream :frowning:

Well, I suspected it anyway, that this may have been an old video… I just checked out some youtube videos of him yesterday, and it blew my mind.


Spike is the best thing to happen to energy drinks since…wait, Spike is the best thing to happen to energy since coffee!

Or something like that.

Spike just kicks ass!

I drink an average of 2 per day, even though it says not to exceed 1.

I’m sooo jealous that I don’t have a Spike Board!
How do I get one of those?