Spike Shooter in Ontario?

can you get it in ONTARIO? if so, where?

Not that I’ve ever seen. I haven’t found any Canadian (let alone Ontario) sites/stores selling it. You can order it online, but the shipping costs more than the case due to its weight. I like it but I don’t like it enough to spend $5-6 on each can. :frowning:

They sell it at a supplement store on the south shore of montreal. I don’t think its legal for them to do so tough…

Than again, they sell pro hormones and dianabol over the counter… LOL

supposeably its crazy ! like ridiculous energy from it… i just wanna try it thats all :stuck_out_tongue: it would be good for a pre-workout drink!

they sell them at “Healthy’s Nutrition Store” or something like that. I used to buy them all the time and I live in Ontario.