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Spike Shooter + Caffeine-Free Spike


not sure where to put this but just wanted to give props to Biotest for these amazing products. This is what they helped me do.

Woke up friday, class. 5pm start work. Get off work at 7am. Drive 30 minutes while drinking Spike Shooter. Take a Caffeine-Free Spike pill then took my test for Seattle police. Kill it and the physical; win the mile and half run by minute 40 seconds.

Go home, sleep 2 hours, back to work.

The stuff is amazing and I was able to focus the whole time during the written test.


What a bragger.

jk, good work buddy, Spike does the job in situations I could have never imagined.


I agree bro well on both great work and that is a hell of a combo.

I still only drink just half a can of the Spike Shooters at a time. Things are SWEET!!!!!!!!!!


What do you do with the other half?