Spike Sample

I’ve been wanting to try out Spike for so long and now I have the chance. In case anyone missed it you can get a free sample of Spike at http://www.spikebrainbody.com

Ok, I read the whole Spike thread…and I’m still sort of unclear…if you’re taking HOT-ROX I should take Spike that day instead of HOT-ROX or only take one serving of HOT-ROX in the afternoon right?

Biotest is awesome for doing this.

It sucks so much living in the UK.

Thought I was gonna get a free sample, but then got to the next page and its $35 for shipping!

Anyone got a free sample they don’t mind sending to the UK (what would the cheapest shipping be? i could pay you via paypal. PM me if youre feeling kind!)


done, Done, and DONE!

Nice one! Thanks Biotest. I’m eager to try this out.
Just placed my Grow! order and I can’t wait for that either!

Props to Proteinpowda for pointing out the free sample. Just another reason T-Nation is so great. I can’t wait to try Spike, I’m ready for it to blow my head off!

This totally rocks! Biotest on the forefront again. Also, another great webite, cool design.



Are we supposed to get a confirmation email after we sign up for the free sample?

Man, Biotest…(wipes tears from his eyes) you guys are the BEST!

Thanks guys!! Biotest is the shiznit!!


No one sell these things on Ebay. I still see sample bottles of HOT-ROX for sale… And its real gay.

Incredible! My only problem is now that I’m going to get to try Spike, I’m probably going to love it and have to add it to my supplement list. Damn you Biotest and your awesome products!

Anyone else reminded of those Focus Factor commercials with that old lady who says “A free bottle?! It must be good.”

Tried to fill out the free order online form and for the Country pulldown menu only USA is there, no Canada option.
Which is strange, because in the pulldown for state all of our provinces are listed?!

Is this offer good only in the US?
I’d be willing to pay some shipping to Canada, but there seems to be no option for it.

Oban, re the online order form, go ahead and post your question in the Tech Support forum where Matt will see it

Contact info for Biotest Customer Service can be found in the T-Nation Directory under credits.

If you prefer to send them an eMail, their eMail address is service@biotestedge.com.

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wow, thanks for the heads up PP!

I wonder how getting Spiked will affect your softer side.

Hm… I have gone to the aforementioned site… yet I can find no way to order a sample… am I missing something?

[quote]MetalMikeXVI wrote:
Hm… I have gone to the aforementioned site… yet I can find no way to order a sample… am I missing something?[/quote]

Yeah, more than a year! This thread is from 2/2005

My guess is that they stopped doing free samples since the post in questions is OVER A YEAR OLD! That’s just my guess, though, without having looked at the site.

I just recieved my sample yesterday and I must say that I am very pleased. First of all, Biotest sent me 5 sample packs, which impressed me. And second, the product is awesome. I feel a cool clarity of thought, and energy after about 35-40 minutes. I will definately buy this product. My workout was better than ever!