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Spike Sample Arrival?


I ordered my Spike sample on Feb. 9th, and received a confirmation that day, but have not received my bottle yet. I currently use Power Drive, but would switch to Spike if I like it better. I would like to sample it first.....anyone else take a long time to get their sample?


A mod informed me they were being bottled and would be sent out shortly.


I never got my sample either......strange


Sorry for the delay with the Spike samples. We had to wait for the small bottles for the 8 capsule samples, and now we're waiting on the darn labels.

The free samples should be shipped out in 2-3 weeks.

Hope that helps!


a sandwich bag would have been acceptable. it is cool they are coming in bottles tho.



Cool, I was getting kind of worried that all the samples were gone, when I hadn't received. Thank you Biotest!


Cool! I didn't think I would get a bottle! Now I have something to put my crack in...oh wait...errr...nevermind.


Back in the day my I would just put my product in a cig wrapper if I didn't have the proper packaging. C'mon Biotest let's get creative! Glad to see I'm not the only one who hasn't gotten it yet. I've been checking the mail everyday like a shut-in waiting for his porno!


Have they stopped the free sample offer of Spike, if not would anyone please tell me how to order it...


I went to the Spike website.


(wondering out loud)

Does the nano-dispersion gel require a hard container? A powder (like the old TRIBEX, for example) wouldn't suffer if a few capsules were in a cardboard-and-plastic blister packet and it got squeezed accidentally or crushed in shipping. But maybe the gel would squirt out and make a gawdawful mess and not be retrievable.

Of course, with all the positive feedback so far about Spike, we could just fork over $39.99 and get a whole bottle. Seems like it works for 98% of the population.


Any word on the Spike samples? It seems most people enjoy the product but some get little effect. A small sample sure would be nice to find out which category I fall into, before I shell out the money for a whole bottle.


If you don't feel it does anything, return it. Biotest has one of the most kick-ass return policies in the industry. Buy a bottle if it doesn't work-send it back!