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Spike Rocks!


Alright, this is for everyone out there who has yet to experience it. This shit works, plain and simple. I was hessitant to try it but picked up a bottle just for kicks. I'm now cramming for a scarry math final and am just amazed at my info retention and recalling ability. I mean, I'm just "on it", understand? Anyways, I've got energy to burn and wanted to let you know.

BTW, like everyone else has said, it's a very 'clean' feeling. This must be similar to what Einstein felt like every day.


I agree completly. I was also hesitant.

However I do not rely on Spike to get me through everyday workouts. I use it 30 mins prior to a hockey game.

The games I have not used the product I have felt good and have been effective.

However in the games I have used the product I have the alertness and the agility of a cat. This stuff is gold, now I know the reasoning behind the colour.


Hehe my girlfriend gets an incredible mental "jump," it's pretty impressive to hear her rambling about everything she could be doing around the house lol. Though I will say for me, It takes nearly 3 Spike at once to get anything out of me. So maybe I'm just way to resistant to stimulants. Dunno, anyone able to offer up a "why" as to why it takes so much to even perk me up.


I guess I should try three as well; in the past taking one or even two had such little effect, I thought it's just placebo. All I ever got were some incredible psychedelic dreams, but not exactly worth the expense, so I feel jealous when I hear those Spike stories. On the other hand, HOT-ROX works great.


NO explode is my friend.I make a stack.NO explode, Spike,and organic unrefined coconut oil = one bad-ass mother f%$#&ing workout!