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Spike Rocks (Duh)

Just a quick Spike rant… Pro’s and How long is it going to stay on the market…

Ive just about finished my first week of Spike on 2 pills a day. At first i was a little dissapointed. With all the talk about amphetamines, feelings, energy, euphoria i was expecting it to be like crystal meth. Which i have alot of experience with. But it is not so.

Since that was what i was looking for i completely missed the subtle aspects. Its not so much what i feel, but what i dont. When i usually get up in the morning im lethargic, groggy, my body is not going to workout, it takes me a good 4 hours to get into my groove.

Yet on Spike, im there in about 20-30 mins. I dont feel any of those things and dont have any of the reasons to cruise the day. i cant say “i feel like crap so im gonna lay down”. Since ive started taking this workouts are allways on time, allways completed, and beter then ever. Because the blocks have been removed! I feel a little heady. Thats it. But if you focus on what everyone says you should feel you will miss it.

If you havnt ordered Spike do so now!!

One question though. Am i the only person who thinks linking Spike to amphetamine was a stupid thing to do? i mean sure its a great advertising but i can just see some mothers action group doing to it what was done to creatine. “its like illegal drugs! therefore its dangerous and should be banned!” and since stimulants upset people more then “steroids”. ITs gonna happen. If it works or in anyway “fun” it hast to be controled. In their minds anyway.

Great honest review.

I as well know a few ppl who have had past drug habits that dropped it and Now ove this stuff not that its Like the high they got but a CLEAN feel good feeling.

I love it W/O’s and for those LONG days.