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Spike & Reduced Cold Symptoms


I wanted to ask anybody who has used Spike something, but first- As per the labeling, I know it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease-

I have noticed a serious reduction in cold symptoms while taking Spike. This is completely subjective and anectdotal, but heres what I have noticed this past week.

Over the weekend a cold set in. By monday morning it was fully developed. All of the usual stuff- sinus and chest congestion, watery burning eyes, the whole shebang. I don't take ephedra based cold medicine because the sides are worse than the symptoms. I started to consider that deadlift day, or this whole week for that matter would be scratched. Monday afternoon my lifting partner calls to confirm, and I give him a tentative Yes, but with the possability of a no because I fel like shit. Four o'clock rolls around and it's time to get ready, so I fugure I'll gut it out. I pop a Spike and start gettin my shit together.

Within the hour sinuses cleared and my chest loosened up a good bit. I started feeling prety damned good. Warmup went realy well, and the first set just about flew off of the floor. The rest of the session went just as well. For a day that started off as a scratch, I was surprised as hell that deads day went as good as any other, if not a little better. Bench day on wednesday was also very good.

Over all,I've noticed that the symptoms of the cold I've had have been greatly reduced. Little or no sinus congestion, expectoration has been largely un-necessarry, and easier when it is, and energy levels have been high. Definitely much higher than previous years with a cold/congestion.

Has anybody else noticed or experienced this too? I know that the formula is currently patent pending and the tight lips about the formula are definitely warranted, but how are these secondary effects possable?

I look forward to hearing from others who may have experienced the same. Thanks.


I wouldn't know man. I never get sick.


Just food for thought. Maybe it was the Spike, but how many times have you heard about athletes who have the flu and then go out and play a stellar game? I was sick last week, also, didn't take any Spike, went to they gym feeling like dog doo doo and had a great workout. Which I certainly did not expect.

I think, and I'm no Dr. Maybe ask the profx or someone, it might have to do with your body being in overdrive already fighting off the disease, more adrenalin or something. Again. I don't have an explanation, just something to consider.


I have considered that, but I've never had one of those types of occurences. When I lift under the weather, I usualy just end up failing way below max, get disgusted, and curl up in a ball for a few days.


There is an article on T-Nation somewhere about working out while sick. I have had some of my best workouts while sick. The article did mention something about the immune system being in overdrive..I will see if I can find it.


I remember reading something, probably by Charlie Francis, that was a study showing that when athletes ran their best they were usually in the early stages of a cold. Some people even got slightly sick on purpose in an attempt to emulate that. Or maybe Spike is just awesome, I talked one of my friends into getting a 2 pack and he went and bought a bottle the next day.


Spike has relieved me of headaches every time I used it when I had one or was about to get one.


This is the type of thing I'm curious about, mainly because of my previously mentioned response to standard cold medicines. It would seem that if its use could be proven to help reduce cold and flu symptoms, that would bust open a whole new channel for distribution.

Especialy if the intended effect and side effects are posative. One of the problems that I have run in to with ephedra based decongestants has been dryness and irritation which leads to secondary infection of the sinuses. That has not happened, which in turn has led to a quicker recovery with no complications.

This is very nice. Thats why I was wondering if anybody els has experienced a reduction of symptoms.


That's probably the caffeine which can clear up head-aches in some cases. I was told by someone the reason was that caffeine dilates blood vessels in the brain. I'm not sure if that's valid or not. A lot of OTC products (Excedrine I believe is one of them) have caffeine in them.