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Spike & Quitting Ephedra


I've been using Spike now for about a week and a half. It's also been about a week and a half since I quit taking ephedra/ephedrine products. I'd been on the E almost constantly for around three years.

I can't believe how much better I'm feeling. I don't know if its the Spike or not popping E pills constantly.

It's funny - someone at the office asked me if I was on something because I'm in such a good mood lately. Anyone else just feel "good" on Spike? And does anyone have any clue if I did any permanent damage to myself by being and Ephedrine junkie for years?


Spike is a beautiful thing.

I have yet to wake up and take Spike. I reserve my doses for heavy training. I normally take it before training and the euphoria will last throughout the training and for a several hours afterward.

Two weeks ago I had a 70 mi training ride and Spike lasted a good 4+ hours after that.


Hollllyyyy shit....


No kidding. For future reference, just about anything taken as a supplement should be cycled...


holy shit. you were on ephedra for three years? i would go see your doctor about it and tell her you're taking Spike right now. she'll let you know about the potential damage you may have done.

stay off the ephedra!


I doubt that the vast majority of doctors would do any more than guess as to any damage that might have ocurred and in most cases they'll say you'll be fine as long as you stay off it.

Besides, even if you have caused some type of damage, what do you think you could do about it now? Probably nothing, so why worry?