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Spike/Power Drive Effects


I remember having a conversation with someone at the gym about energy drinks. He was telling me about how when you take an energy drink your energy boosts up high then when you reach your peak and start going down you go below where your energy was before you even took the drink.

Is this bad for your body/could it have harmful effects?

Im interested in Surge/Power Drive but would like clarification on it first.


First of all, Surge is in no way an energy drink. It's a post-workout shake. Just fast protein and fast carbs in the correct proportions.

Second, most energy drinks are loaded with sugar. This is not the case with Power Drive, which technically isn't an energy drink either. It's a neural primer. It doesn't give you an energy boost so much as it helps everything (neural pathways, muscle fibers) fire correctly.

If you want energy, get Spike. I haven't felt any downside to it yet, and I use it on a fairly regular basis, in dosages as high as 3 pills. Once it wears off (which is generally several hours later), you just feel normal.


Doh. I meant Spike. Sorry. This has nothign to do with Surge haha.


Power Drive I think is one the most underated and underappreciated supps out there. So many companies have tried to knock off this pre workout supp. NO Explode is an example which is so overpriced that even if it worked, not many would by a second container, it only has 20 servings. Cerobro by syntrax gave me a fucking 6 hour headache. And I even tried it again and the same thing happened, ester stack by nutrabolics is o.k. but their reputation has gone down somewhat and it just made me feel weird. Also overpriced. Not to mention it tasted so bad I actually screamed in digust.

So in conclusion, on a $ 4 $ basis this supp is worth trying. Oh yeay I just wanted to rip on Gakik for a moment. The container has only 16 servings, costs about $85 canadian retail and the label claims that it increases strength by 10.5% for the first 15 min of a training! These wankers at hussle tech need to lay down the crack pipe and rethink shit.

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I respond quite well to both Spike and Power Drive, but they are different.

Power Drive used to be sold as a preworkout aid. Then CT and some others saw its benefits as post-workout CNS recovery. Spike was launched and it took over as Biotest's stimulant. Power Drive is now sold as more of a CNS recovery aid. I still use both preworkout, but not at the same time and for different reasons.

Power Drive is less of a mental aid for me. I notice more focus, yes, but it really shines on high intensity training days. Definitely it helps me to increase my loads if I'm testing a 1rm or working in the <5 rep range. It's also excellent for explosive oly lifts.
So Power Drive for me is a strength aid.

The original Spike required more dosage for me to notice an effect. The newer pill form only requires 1 pill. I respond better to the newer pill version: more focus, a calm but determined state of mind in accomplishing tasks.

In the gym you will notice its effects in a more efficient workout with less desire to take the extra 10 seconds rest. You might notice a strength increase in that you're mentally prepared for the task. It seems to have less effect on me in a strictly physical sense: I notice more increase in heavy lifts with Power Drive.
Does that make sense?

Anyway it is excellent for studying and especially for sports.

I'd recommend both. Some respond more to one than the other. Others don't respond at all to either.

And finally, no, there is no crash when it wears off. You simply return to baseline.