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Spike or Power Drive As a Study Aid


Just recently purchased both of these and have quite a bit of studying/tests coming up. I have seen where some of you have mentioned using these as a study aid. My question is which did you like best for improving mental clarity and memory and how did you go about taking it? (before studying only, before both test and study-time etc) Thanks a lot.


For studying, Spike is better.

For working out, most feel Power Drive is better.


I use Power Drive when I need to be creative, and Spike when I need to focus.

But I totally disagree with your assessment, rrjc.

If I need to set a P.R. in the gym, it's Power Drive. If I want to go balls-to-the-wall for an hour, it's Spike.


i was thinking the same thing. im studying a course that has a 5% pass rate, i work 3 jobs totalling about 60hrs over 7 days & train MMA & S&C about a combined 20hrs p/wk. ive never tried Spike but im thinking if theres one supp. that will help me it keep going with this workload & still achieve goals it could be Spike...


For studying, IF you are not tired but need absolute focus, half a Spike and Power Drive is the best for me (with 2-4 grams piracetam) all on an empty stomach.

If you're tired, a full Spike insted of half.


Study I vote Power Drive as the Spike doesnt have me Jittery but has me ready to get up and GO to be active not to focus on a mental task. Thats what I love Power Drive for.


Interesting, I've never used Power Drive, but I've read about it. I guess I misunderstood.

I have tried a sample of Spike though, from what I could tell, I was able to just sit down and do my homework start to finish which is usually a rare feat.