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Spike or Alpha Male for Focus/Motivation

Spike or Alpha Male.

I have a bunch of symptoms that would go hand in hand with low testosterone and my workouts are getting better, but I’m seem to be bi-polar when it comes to talking myself into getting into the garage and training, then I seem to have ADD and want to just get it over with some days.

Other days, I’m motivated and everything is feeling great. I don’t feel the need to rush myself, but the days I get antsy an just want to get the training over with are starting to out number the good days.

The other thing I’m going to do is join a local powerlifting friendly gym that’s not too far from where I live. It was easy to stay motivated before I moved twice in the last two years.

I had a good gym and going there almost every day to see other friends training hard had a huge effect on my motivation and I’m thinking training by myself, and a general lack of human contact (especially with like minded people) has been a big part in my lack of motivation (among many other things that were self inflicted).

Reading through the threads of Alpha Male, I got to thinking the confidence and focus people are talking about from taking it would help make workouts more productive and more enjoyable.

I gained a lot of fat during the time I was being lazy, raising kids and playing video games, so it seems logical that my natural testosterone would be relatively low.

Even if eating better and training consistently would be the key to bringing low T levels back to normal, taking Alpha Male may help bring the levels up quicker in the mean time.


Also, I just got health insurance for the first time since I was in the Navy 6 years ago…
so I’m going to be scheduling a doctor appointment very soon, and I’ll see if I can get insurance to pay to get hormone levels checked.

I remember when I first got this job 3 years ago, I had a complete physical for it and my test levels were considered normal, but in the lower end of the range, and that was when I was pretty much in the peak of my training and things were going great.

I take both…Spike pre-workout with my Surge Workout Fuel. As for Alpha Male 2x 2 per day…and you can add Rez-V. Or take 4 to 6 TRIBEX per day…I really like the feeling of the Spike with Surge Workout Fuel. As for the Alpha Male it really gives me more agression in the gym, more strenght and libido is to the roof on Alpha Male…

Yea, you can probably tell from my first post that I’m leaning toward getting Alpha Male anyway. I guess I’m just looking for more back up to feel better about buying it. :wink:

I read all of the posts in the discussion forum for Alpha Male, and I could really use the aggression/focus that I’ve seen so many people post about. It’s always good to hear more people post their experience about it though.

And one of the multiple symptoms I’ve been having lately (for close to 2 years now) is lower libido.

I also forgot how much I loved the Spike drink in the past. My wife and I have been drinking diet soda like crazy lately, and Spike would definitely be a much healthier alternative, and give more energy.

I’m due for more Flameout on my next paycheck, and I’m more or less trying to convince my wife the extra money for Alpha Male will be worth it. I already talked her into getting Z-12 (she has a terrible time getting a good, relaxing night’s sleep), so I’m sure she’ll bend a little to help me out. Not to mention, the Alpha Male might help her out a bit too. :wink: :wink:

And I swear, I’m not normally a supplement whore, it’s just that there really are a lot of worth-while supplements here. :slight_smile:

since you’ve implied being “older” your test might be dropping

GO Alpha Male!

[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
since you’ve implied being “older” your test might be dropping

GO Alpha Male![/quote]

Yea, just hit 30 in April. I’ve had plenty of times when I’ve felt 40 though (not the type of 40 who post on this site though).

Definitely get your T checked as soon as you can. Alpha Male rules. However, if you find your a candidate for TRT, T is better. haha

If you can swing it, get the Alpha Male and a case of Spike Shooters.

You are not old i m 31…hihihi…by the way i really like Z-12… and 1 pill is enough for me :)…convince your wife bro!!!

SWR. I could have wrote that about myself. Keep searching till you find something or go broke its tough. I’M 30 in a couple days myself. I’VE taken $1000’s of supps but I always come back to 2. Biotest and Thermolife. HOT-ROX Extreme, E-bol, Spike are some good one’s but that might just be me. Good Luck.

It’s funny, I’ve been expierencing the same thing. Especially on leg days. So today 30 min prior to my workout I took 3 scoops of Surge Workout Fuel and was back to normal. I was more than game for the punishment I put on my legs, it was nice.

Spike Shooters are, imho, better than Spike tabs for training. Spike tabs are more potent, but more jittery. Spike Shooters just give me insane focus.

It looks like you’re leaning towards the Alpha Male, but if you decide to try Spike, give the Shooters a try. I actually found them in 4-packs and singles at the local Vitamin Shoppe if you don’t want to buy a whole case.

lol, 30’s not old, but it’s getting close.

So far the staple supplements I use now (and will most likely use for a very long time) are Creatine, Flameout, and Superfood.

I usually have Metabolic Drive on hand when needed, and I think replacing all the diet soda with Spike Shooters would actually end up saving me money since I won’t drink nearly as many of them as I do the diet soda.

I’m thinking I’ll get a months worth of Alpha Male and see how it feels; maybe take it for 2-3 months depending on how the first few weeks go.

If something can get me to stay motivate through the times I have to travel and stay in hotels for my job, it will be more than worth what I pay for it. Those are the times I get hit the worst with depression/laziness.

I’m also working on getting a different job. heheh

why not Alpha Male and Rez-V???..

[quote]Charles3264 wrote:
why not Alpha Male and Rez-V???..[/quote]

I don’t see any need for me to take Rez-V. Even with taking Alpha Male, I don’t think my testosterone would be high enough to aromatise to create an excess of estrogen, and I don’t see any aditional health benefits in rez-v that I wouldn’t get from Flameout and Superfood besides joint health, but I’m not having any issues there.
Plus it’s another $40+ per month…

It raises t levels also…not only aromatise…

[quote]SWR wrote:
Charles3264 wrote:
why not Alpha Male and Rez-V???..

I don’t see any need for me to take Rez-V. Even with taking Alpha Male, I don’t think my testosterone would be high enough to aromatise to create an excess of estrogen, and I don’t see any aditional health benefits in rez-v that I wouldn’t get from Flameout and Superfood besides joint health, but I’m not having any issues there.
Plus it’s another $40+ per month…[/quote]

The ratio of testosterone to estrogen is just as important as the total amount of testosterone. So basically it is impossible for someone not using exogeneous hormones to have their estrogen too low (if they are otherwise healthy of course). If you feel symptoms of ‘low T’ it is very possible that you are also experiencing symptoms of higher than optimal estrogen levels. This would be even more likely if you gotten fatter.

Get your hormones checked. All of them, not just free and total t.

One of the Cheapest ways to give your T a boost is ZMA. If you don’t already, get that and use it for a week or two. It has proven to me to be the easiest way to at least feel like I’m in the upper normal range for me. I mean as far as good days and bad days, there are a lot less bad days when I am taking my ZMA consistantly.

I have also used Alpha Male in the past and I really like the effects, I would say I get enough from ZMA though and would only use Alpha Male again if I was planning a particularly brutal month of training. But ditto what others have said, get your levels checked, but the ZMA is a much cheaper way to get it back on track. If it works, then cool, you saved some coin, if not, graduate up to the Alpha Male.



I’ll be 39 come Nov. and intermittent cycles of Alpha Male are a staple for me. I feel a great benefit from it in terms of keeping the fires burning in a few different areas. I think it’s worth a try in your case and if you do use let us know what you think.


Anything specific I should ask for, or any special way to ask for the blood test, to make sure it’s covered by my insurance?

This is going to be the first doctors’ appointment I’ve made myself since I was in the Military.

I have other issues to discuss, mainly the horrible heart burn I’ve had for over 3 years now, and it takes 3 of those “one a day” chewable Pepsid AC tabs, even though it says not to take more than 2 in a 24 hour period, I usually take 4 in a day when I’m not on Prilosec. It was even bad when I was at a much healthier weight with no gut.

I’m thinking that’s going to be called a pre-existing condition, sadly, so it may have to go on the back burner in terms of what I can get taken car of first.

So, I’m thinking I’ll have to write everything down that I want to talk about, and try not to over-whelm the guy on my first visit.

Also, on my insurance’s website, I can search for Family Practice, Primary Care Physician or a bunch of other physicians. I guess the first visit should be with a PCP?

I found a link to search for an endocrinologist. Not sure if insurance would expect me to go to a pcp first or if I could just make an appointment with the endocrinologist.

And, not to be too sexist, but there’s only one male endocrinologist in the list that’s given by my insurance company website.

Then again, and endocrinologist is an endocrinologist…