Spike: My First 3 Days

So two days ago I decided that I just had to try Spike out. I had been waiting for the free sample for around a month and could not wait any longer. That day I ordered a 60-bottle on the net and went home. Well little did I know that waiting for me would be a black box with 8 yellow Spike capsules in it. Talk about irony. Fortunately I’m glad that I ordered the other bottle earlier because these past few days have been quite enlightening for myself.

Usually when I come home from work I’m pretty tired and need a 1 hour nap before heading to the gym. Well as soon as I opened the package I took one pill and about 20 minutes later I was not tired anymore. Nice. So I go to the gym and find myself able to actually pay attention to the television while riding the stationary bike. Usually I can barely even watch it, so much as read the teleprompter, but not this time. I was immersed in it and it was even on the slowest most boring program; poker! The work out went well and I found myself hopping from lift to lift a bit quicker than usual. That’s about the extent to which I noticed Spike’s effects.

The next day I took one pill when I got up and went to work and the day went as usual. The workout that night was good and I noticed the same need to go from lift to lift without much rest in between. I was also able to study effectively for my exam which came today.

So today is today and I took 2 pills in the morning. I had an exam in a few hours and work all day before/after that. (I work in a laboratory at a university and can go to class and come back as I wish) Well let’s just say that I was in the zone during the test. After the test I went back to lab and found myself being more productive than I had been in weeks. I got so much done in the last 3-4 hours I still cannot believe it. It seems like it should be 8 pm but it’s only 4. And I can only thank Spike for the boost.

I have taken adderall before and Spike is not as “buzzy” or “apparent” (although it still is somewhat) as adderall, but you still get the need to be productive and are very alert. No fast heart rate either thank god! I might even go so far as to rank Spike as one of the best drugs one can take as far as having a good “positive to negative” effect ratio because it has many positives and no negatives (so far)!

I was skeptical myself when reading all the previous clatter about it, but now I am convinced. This is one hell of a product, anyone who feels like they have a type of ADD or procrastinates/wastes time too much should try this out. Did I mention that it took me only about 7 minutes to type this post also? Yea I’m definetely Spiked hehe.

Well that’s it. Check this stuff out people, it’s a good product. Also I’m not much of a supplement guy either. Besides a few NO2 cycles over the past couple years all I take is whey supplements, but this stuff might be a keeper.

Spike flat out works. I wish this stuff were around when I played football.

Spike kicks ass. Nothing gives me more focus in the gym or work. I absolutely love it.

Now that you’ve taken Spike you can focus on why NO2 is a scam (there’s an article on it in the archives)…I just bought a bottle for a coworker so I’m going to “borrow” a few caps (well we’re going to split the bottle) and see how it works.

I aced some wicked hard tests at the end of last semester because of Spike.

Anyone else use it for school (or other concentration) work? I think it’s underutilized as far as study/test taking purposes.