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Spike... Let's Be Serious...

 does it work?

im taking this NO-Xplode (creatine/arginine) stuff and it does seem to help me but people keep saying how bad it is...so if this Spike shit realy works ill ditch the NO-Xplode, get some creatine monohydrate and some Spike and call it a day...


The flaming's about to begin. What is your understanding of how Spike works, its mechanism, and what it's supposed to do? The same for NOExplode.


Does it work. I can only state what it does for me. Effects invariably are different from person to person, especially when different people need different dosages.

I am a coffee drinker. I used to drink a cup right before my workouts. It gave me pep. Spike does the same. It's effects aren't the same from day to day... as I'm sure my body chemistry isn't the very same from day to day. But the focus and clarity I perceive is particularly noticeable. It's like a room with a 60 watt bulb versus 120 watts.

Now I may be seen as a Biotest pimp or whatever... but it works for me, and why shouldn't I promote something I believe in? If I see an amazing movie, do I not tell my friends to go see it? Of course I do.

It works for me. Will it work for you? I can't tell you. Try it. If you don't like it, I think there's some return policy that will allow you to get a refund.

Look mom, no flames.


Is it really getting to the point where people are afraid to say something good about a supplement, lest they be branded a "pimp" or a "loyalist"?

I'm not saying this about you, Kroby, but you hint at the possbility.

If it ever really gets to that point, it's time for us to close up shop and become florists.


I recently purchased some Spike here in the UK, and it cost nearly 50 quid. But its much better value in the US by the looks. I laid off coffee, tea, diet coke, other stimulants, extra strong mints etc etc and its a very good supplement as far as focussing yourself and getting into the groove. Of the few times I've trained on it, I did not want to go into the gym and sit their sipping water feeling a bit knackered like I usually do, but I got right into it.

EAS used to do a sort of neuro supplement, forget what it was called, but it was very expensive and it worked, this works a little better. If you can afford it, use it.


Come on TC everybody knows that "ists" are the worst people on the planet.


Where the fuck are you from?

You know there are people who can actually get offended from that shit.


Dude you are 17. You should not be looking into a crapload of supps. You decided not to do steroids, and that's good.

There is NO MAGIC PILL. Eat big, take creatine, protein..water..that's it.


Are you refering to the original poster asking about the Spike supp?

Why would anyone find this offensive?


""Where the fuck are you from?""

Assuming you are talking to your pal "beebuddy"... I was born just north of Chicago. I then grew up outside of London (Pinner, Middlesex) until I was about 4. I graduated high-school in Connecticut (under Tshaw's guidance). Then I moved to Washington state. I currently reside in Washington, DC. Where the fuck are you from? :slight_smile:

""You know there are people who can actually get offended from that shit.""

So are you sticking up for the florISTS in advance or something?

Relax will ya, it was a joke.


To be honest, beebuddy: did you ever really listen to anything I said? I had a reputation for being a hardass the way I ruled the Mac Lab, and I seem to recall you being a pretty "independent thinker." :wink:

But to get back on topic. Spike gave me a "wow" feeling for the first month, then nothin'! I went back to Power Drive and a little caffeine, which always makes me feel alert and I swear helps my mental clarity. But lots of people swear by Spike and its continued boost to their ability in the gym.

(Hmmm. Am I a "Biotest whore"? I've been called worse.)



End of thread.


Now there's some good hard evidence and evaluation RIGHT there! LOL


I just took 2 Spikes. I'll tell you in a little bit.


sounds good


It works great. However SOme people need to take more to feel the full effect (me included).


Hmmm, usually I'm a non-responder but right now I'm feeling on top of the world.

Bascially it's "Seize the day" in a bottle. (Copyright Natural Nate)

And if Biotest uses that slogan I want a cut of the profits . . . or at least free stuff!!!


The only time I can make heads or tails of some of the physics materials I like to read is when I'm Spiked.


I haven't bought a bottle yet due to money issues, but I tried it out with the free sample and I can say it worked well for me. Definately gives a nice boost to memory and focus.


It works for me, for a about 3 weeks then I have to go off it for a month or so. I have to say the first time I took it I thought it was the greatest shit ever invented but then I got diminishing returns...