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Spike Kicked My Ass

So I went out and bought some Spike at Walgreens yesterday and decided to try one for the first time before my workout yesterday.

Basically, I went through my whole workout with high loads and real low recovery times in btwn each set (like 40 seconds) and didn’t get tired. I was focused the entire time too. It was basically just me and the barbell.

Everything else was just a minor detail in my surroundings. Woke up this morning more sore and beat up than I have been in months. My appetite was very low afterwards too (contrary to what I expected after such a workout). I practically had to force myself to eat sufficient calories today.

Has anyone else had any similar experiences on Spike? How many people here feel that it is worth the money? Should it be used every workout, or only when one needs the extra boost?

i think opinions vary a lot, but most vary on the positive side.

me personally, i have not felt a whole lot with Spike. a little different, yes of course, but nothing unbelievable i don’t think. i always work out at a super high intensity anyways usually.

The only draw back to Spike so far is that if I take it before an evening workout it keeps me up all night. I’ll be tired as hell but my brain refuses to go under.

If my schedule permitted moring workouts I’d use it every time I train.

As far as not being hungry for a while after using, that’s where liquid calories come in.