Spike is Great!!!!!!!!

I bought a couple of sample packs at GNC and I took one pill. It did not do jack for me. I was thinking two wasn’t going to do anything. I took two today before my workout and WOW!!! No joke it gave me the ephedra jitters.

It has been two hours and after my work out and I am still jacked. I hope I can sleep tonight. Has anyone else had this effect? It is not smooth like Patterson says for me anyways. It hits hard.

I bought a bottle back in August just to give it a try. I find myself using it more and more lately.

School work is starting to take its toll, and my workouts started getting shitty: just not present mentally or physically.

But lately with Spike every workout is great. I get home, Surge, shower, and I seriously feel like going back to the gym.

No shakes though…

And I don’t recommend taking it at night, unless you’re prepared to be up until 5 a.m. (as is the case with me).