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Spike Instead of Ephedrine/Etc?

How do you all like Spike? When I diet (2-3x’s a year) I usually take a low dose of ephedrine (Lipo 6/etc) to get me to drive to the gym at 6am and do my am cardio. I’m fine for my training in the afternoon, but that “Bump” usually gets me going nicely.

Having just turned 30, I’d like to eliminate the ephedrine. Contrary to what I’ve read, I don’t believe that “normal” use of ephedrine is bad. I’ve been using it off/on since my 20’s and just had to do a stress echo and blood work for life insurance; heart is in perfect health.

Anyhow, what are your experiences with Spike? Would this be a good idea for me? Again, just something to help me crush that AM cardio which is usually HIIT.

I may be going against the grain here, but I much prefer the original Spike formula rather than the new one. The original just had Spike+caffine. Much cleaner to me.

Im not a big fan of massive doses of caffine combined with yohimbe, which is what the new formula felt like to me. GNC still sells the original formula bottles last time I checked, or you could just mix a caffine free spike with vivarin. But yes, without fail it made my workouts better.

In regard to the current yellow Spike, it may or may not give you what you’re looking for. It has more of a mental than physical effect on me, even at a three cap dosage. I feel a little more energized, but not any more than a few shots of espresso would have done otherwise. Concentration is definitely improved, however.

I am interested in the original formula; I’m going to check that out.