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Spike Inquiry

Ok I took Spike once when I was 17 bought a pack 9 pills? or 12 something like that

i took them in the summer before wrestling practice’s and I regret not taking them during the season minus the damper it would have put in my wallet.

But Will Spike work for studying? Like Im know in college, and I think I have like undiagnosed adhd or some shit (don’t go off on me for that one)

But Im wondering would you recommend spike for concentration in studies?

Spike had me on a fucking hype when i tried that shit…i’d say yes, but at least get a w/o in there while using it!

Spike is great for focus.

I took a Spike before a job interview and nailed it.

personally I would think you would want Power Drive. or whatever it is called. That helps a lot more with the mental than Spike.

Two Caffeine-Free Spikes in the morning with a cup of joe gives me laser precision focus.