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Spike in T Levels

I’m curious if anyone has ever experience this before and/or has any theories on why this may have happened.

I have been on Androgen 1.62% -4 pumps a day for 3 yrs now. I’m in my mid 30s. For the longest that I can remember, my Total had been in the mid to high 500s with Free being between 11 to 30 depending on the lab. In January, I went on the paleo diet and dropped 10 lbs (I’m already a slim person).

I started to notice that I was getting periods of warming through out my body and feeling irritable at times. I felt full of energy and really motivated to do things. I had my blood work taken to check out my Total/Free/Estradiol. When I got my results, my total level went up to 1361 and my free was 403.54!! It explained why I was feeling the warmth and irritability. I was over the line for me. Estradiol was fine btw and so was everything else my blood worked showed.

So my doctor dropped me down to 2 pumps a day but after awhile I just felt like I was dragging my butt around and was out of it. I went up to 3 pumps a day and for awhile I felt pretty good. I figured that possibly at 3 pumps a day I would be at a level of 700 or 800 but when I got it checked out, I was down to the mid 500s and my Free was 28. I’m starting to feel tired more again and my motivation is down, which is strange since being in the mid 500 was always normal for me. I’m not eating a paleo diet as strictly either right now. I kind of liked it when it was up to 1300 but the anger I felt at times was unsettling. I worried I would lose control.

So what the hell happened? How could it have been so high at one point on 4 pumps and now on 3 it is only in the 500s and it no longer feels good for me anymore? I’m considering going back to 4 pumps or doing 3 pumps and applying the lotion on afterwards.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Transdermal creates large T spikes, especially FT and results are greatly affected by lab timing.

T absorption is heavily affected by thyroid function. Did you introduce a new source of iodine?

Your absorption rate improved.

FT ranges vary vastly across some lab companies. Without ranges your numbers lack context.

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So you do not use hCG to preserver fertility and testes?