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Spike & HOT-ROX?


I work in a job which relies on 100% accuracy and Spike has been a godsend for me.
I am about to embark on cutting up using HOT-ROX but want the same or similar results that Spike gives me while on HOT-ROX
Any suggestions


well all I can say is by themselves they did nothing for me, so I tried them together (which is really not recommended) and felt quite happy.

PS: I'm super super resistant to stimulants


While I can't vouch for the safety of this, do you think HOT-ROX and Spike could have a synergestic (spelling?) effect like ephedrine and caffine do?

Something to think about


Problem is they, Biotest, say NOT to do this. sSure it may be ok, may not though. It is this exact type of toying with doses and stacks that got ephedra banned and the FDA after ALL supplements.

That my Opinion,


I agree with Phill that toying with dosing is not a good idea in the first place. My first post is merely something I tried because well, I know I just dont really react to stimulants anymore.

Again, I tried this because I know I can handle the effects of it, but would not recommend this to anyone else. Oh another thing, after that initial test, I haven't done it since, that's too much money to use both at once like that, and my girlfriend really enjoys Spike on its own so I gave her the rest of the bottle hehe.


Biotest says not to do this because they both are hemodialators. They can be both taken together, but you need to start low with both and see how it affects you. I've always found the combination to work great for concentration, and HR is always great for fat loss.


excuse my ignorance, but what is the significance of them being hemodialators?


I feel I should offer some clarification here. Neither are "hemodialators" and isn't the reason I don't recommend using the two concurrently.

HOT-ROX may have a vasodilatory effect, so perhaps that's where some confusion is coming from.

As for not using them concurrently, I don't recommend doing so simply because both contain caffeine and there may also be some potential for a much greater stimulatory effect than what would be seen with one or the other if both are used concurrently.


Cy out of curiosity, what do you suggest for those of us that are extremely resillient to stimulants? Obviously the "take more" outlook isn't exactly the smartest one, but sometimes thats all that works, anything out there that can speed it up?



Well, you know, due to differences in xenobiotic metabolism and target tissue responsiveness, you're right, there are times where one simply needs a higher dose (or dosage) to achieve an effect that most others would when given much less.

Though, you're right again, giving a blanket statement that people should take more just isn't smart.

I've found that in certain cases, there are people who have been using/abusing stimulants for years and in such cases, would be better off addressing their "addiction" and taking a long-needed break.

Though again, there are others that I mentioned first who never have and never will respond at a given dose that most others will. The problem however is that figuring out exactly where the problem resides and working to balance it so to speak, would require some rather crude methods (i.e., considering capabilities and resources of the average person) that could be potentially dangerous. One day, many may be able to list the functionality of their major CYP isoenzymes, amongst other things, but until then, if you aren't responding to something at the recommended dosage, I'd consider the possible side effects of taking more or consider not using it.

Hope that helps some.