Spike & HOT-ROX

Has anybody taken both in the same day? How did u feel? How did u break it up?

I am pretty tolerant to stimulants
I read Tim Patterson say to take Spike in the morning and HOT-ROX in the afteroon.
But i really like taking Spike before i workout.
I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions.

Well, you could take HOT-ROX in the morning and Spike in the afternoon. The idea is to spread out the pills so that you don’t have any odd affects.

Of course, that is what I interpreted from the responses Tim gave in the Spike thread.

Good answer, Arioch! You nailed it perfectly.

Apparently all that reading is starting to pay off. Hopefully, that means I can start helping some people out every now and then.

Plus, TT noticed me. I think that elevates me on some level! (j/k)