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Spike, HOT-ROX & Power Drive Questions


Is it ok to take Spike and HOT-ROX together? [edit: ok it looks like this is a no-no]

How about adding Power Drive to HOT-ROX? Would Creatine be ok to add with HOT-ROX?

Finally, how much is a serving of Power Drive? The cannister arrived ok, but was missing the serving scoop. Any ideas?



For the last part, the scooper thingy is probably in there somewhere, you just gotta dig!


Power Drive with HOT-ROX and creatine with HOT-ROX are both fine.

Spike should not be used with HOT-ROX, however.

Hope that helps.


                                     Cy, what about Spike and Power Drive, or is that overkill? I really like stimulants, lol.