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Spike Hits the H2O!


Spike has offically been tested in a Jet Ski race with great results. This stuff really works - and works and works!


Anything in particular you noticed different from racing without Spike?


Jet ski race?
Can't you just take some Gatorade and save your money?
What about taking Spike when I channel surf. I'm sure that would work!!!!!!


Um IMO NO!!!! Why take in the empty calories for a little jolt that in minutes will keep me searching for more of the same insulin spiking CRAP. Also sure carbs during periods of a long match/activity are great and do keep you going and halt catabolism etc. but nothing near the cool focus that Spike gives me. ASome people feel it ion different ways for me its a Pretty nice kick in the shorts but not in a shaky unsteady way.

Does that Help??

Hey not sure it will help you Channel surf but it may help you to NOT channel surf so much. Might just give you the umph to get up and do something constructive or read something. Who knows its worth a try. No?

Hope that helps,