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Spike Gum? HOT-ROX Gum?


Come on guys! If Twinlabs can make a gum...
I would love a Spike Gum.


Can you guys make it in a chocolate body paint, as well? Or maybe an anal lube?



i want Anaconda


i would loooooove me some Spike gum. Doubt they can make something like that and make it actually work though. Would be pretty sweet(not taste) though


Well it wouldn't be bad PWO if it had sugars in it(to make it sweet to the taste!). I used to buy this stuff called Mad Croc gum that was a caffeine gum but I can't find it anymore.

I would love a Spike gum or HOT-ROX gum, I like to chew gum, especially at the gym, keeps my mouth from getting dry.

Is it hard to make gum?


It's very hard.


this is the gum that I buy up when I find it. I usually find it in Target but haven't for a while.

Does anyone else have any energy gum brands they like? And where do you get them?


Thinkgeek sells a wide range of caffeinated gums and candies:


i've had the "jolt" gum before.....the energy portion of it really did well for me during some finals at college.


Take a caffeine pill right before you stick a piece of gum in your mouth. Problem solved.


okay I am loving that website for all the cool toys