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Spike/Glycine/PPS Timing


Ok Guys, I already posted this in Thibs forum, but he might be too busy to get to it. So I'm gonna post it here too:

I work out at 5pm and am in bed by 10pm. I take 1/2 a Spike pill at about 2:45-3:15 to kick me through the last hour of work and my workout.

I just bought Glycine, PPS & Theanine. Last night with my PWO shake (leucine and gatorade powder) at about 7:15 then at around 8:45 after my PWO meal I had 400mg of Theanine and ZMA. I didn't feel like I slept all that well. However I did feel 'calmer' and more relaxed before going to bed.

What is a good timing/dosing protocol for these supps? I don't know if I should be taking both the PPS & Theanine at the same time either.

Any wisdom will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I'd like to hear from BBB if he happens to glance over this....hint hint! lol