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Spike, Glycine, PPS & Theanine Timing



I work out at 5pm and am in bed by 10pm. I take 1/2 a Spike pill at about 3:15 to kick me through the last hour of work and my workout.

I just bought Glycine, PPS & Theanine. Last night with my PWO shake (leucine and gatorade powder) at about 7:15 then at around 8:45 after my PWO meal I had 400mg of Theanine and ZMA. I didn't feel like I slept all that well. However I did feel 'calmer' and more relaxed before going to bed.

What is a good timing/dosing protocol for these supps? I don't know if I should be taking both the PPS & Theanine at the same time either.

Any wisdom will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


I'm not Thibs, and I'm not wise, but two questions:

1) caffeine in the afternoon could potentially throw off sleep. Has afternoon Spike causes a problem in the past?

2) No protein in your pwo shake?


I've messed about with what time to take in and 2:30-3:30 is a good time for me. That give me 6.5-7.5hrs to run it out of my system with a good training session.

My PWO shakes right now are just creatine, gatorade powder and leucine, but I only wait about 20-30min after taking that to have my PWO meal which is high in protein.


bump, Thibs...what do ya think?


double bump. sorry to be annoying Thibs but since it messed w/ my sleep last night i don't want to chance things.

i'll post this in sup/nutrition thread too.


Here is an article he wrote about supplements a while back. It has protocols for glycine and PPS:


Hope that helps!


thanks, i was starting to feel like an epic thread killer today.


No worries. I think he has also written about it in the beginning pages of the "para workout nutrition" forum, so you might want to check it there too. If I remember correctly, I believe he was using 0.1 g of glycine per pound of bodyweight.


@b rock ,

A word of advise regarding the "large man" he does not like when you force him to answer a questions by reposting or bumping ( he has stated this in his Q & A ) as he finds this rude

So my guess is you wont get a response from him


Thanks for the heads up. I wasn't doing it to be rude (obviously)

I never read all of his Q&A; there is SO much content in this thread that I want to absorb...so I missed that part is all.

My bad.