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Spike For Intense Workouts


I've always had a problem after an intense workout, most notoriously the day after: try as I might I chewed up all my words. I don't have a speech problem, but god did I sound like I lost my tongue sometimes. All that was tied up with little energy.

Dude, Spike is freegin awesome. I had it in the back of my mind for a while until I saw it at GNC. The lady said they'd been going slugishly, probably because it's farily recent. I think they'll be going just a bit quicker now. I'm planning to stack up on Spike, and just take 1 pop every day instead of my cup o'joe.

The thing lasts all friggin day! I took it last night 5 hours prior to sleep and had no trouble sleeping - I never do. I woke up this morning and I STILL feel a heck of a lot more alert and with more energy than I ever do in the morning (I always have to drag my ass with no motivation). The coolest thing is it doesn't just hit you. It smooths its way in and seemed to peak perhaps 30-45 mins later - but you start to feel it within minutes... and it feels completely natural, just the way you would feel on a very good day without taking anything.

It DOESN'T give me jitters as they say, and it DOES make me more alert. WIth finals coming next week - Mech. Eng., phew - I think this is going to be a God bless, considering I've already 'checked out' for the semester.

I could probably make for the best salesman for Spike. Truth is, I'd been hoping for this exact thing for a few years because most of the time I got this slurred speech and lazyness a day after a work-out. I felt GREAT, very alert, full of energy - and I should note my heart was beating faster after I took it - and my workout was the best it's been in a while.

Tim Patterson, congrats. Your team put out the best energy supplement out there, and for 1/2 the price of a medium Dunkin Donuts coffee/day it gives the best bang for my buck and lasts all day long. Keep it up!

I wish I didn't sound like somebody on a late night infomercial, but damn, Spike is purty good. Infomercials give you nothing but opinions, and much of the time they don't even tell you what it is they're selling you ('the world's greatest vitamin'? Is it vitamin C, B, A? Or how about the get-rich-quick guy that brings in teary-eyed people to thank him for making them multi-millinonaires - and that he will do it for YOU if you try his 'product'.

Alas, he never actually tells you what his 'product' is - he just tells you it makes you rich. Wonder why he has to try to make a buck off an infomercial if his 'product' is that great!).


How long does a bottle last you?


I take 1 pop each day, and each bottle has 40. Trust me, you dont need more than one for a whole day. It is that powerful and lasts THAT long.

I figure a bottle will last a month and a half. I'm an aircraft mechanic and dude let me tell you I can be dragging after a workout - very bad when I have to be up the tail depanneling or testing the landing gear extension/retraction system, or take out a flap or a spoiler. It is NOT good to be a bit aloof when you're doing this shit - body parts break like that. Spike is good to keep my head on its toes.


It depends on how often you use it. The real beauty of Spike is you dont have to continually use it. Its not like other supplements that say "use for XX weeks for results." You can pop one or two and get great results from that once instance.

So really, the bottle can last depending on the need. There's some days I don't take any, other days I slam two in the morning and I'm going.

If you're gonna get it at GNC, wait for the sale days at the beginning of the month. Then use your gold card and you can get Spike for about $30.


Spike is great. I stack it with NO explode and some other stuff,but, sadly, the GNC here only sells bottles that contain 30 pills,lol.


Cheap bastard! J/k,lol.I do the exact same thing.I usually take Spike only on the days when I'm working out.Thats good enough for me.I don't need to be taking it when I'm not working out or don't need much energy.