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Spike Flavors, Different Sizes? What Gives?


Maybe I’m late to the party but I just ordered the new Blue Raz flavor of Spike. I noticed it wasn’t offered in the smaller more powerful size. Why? I remember they had a flavor called Lemon Slice which IMO was an improvement on Quila Lime flavor. However, this wasn’t offered in the smaller can size. Also, Orange Gold is missing in the smaller size. Why?


This has been bothering you for four months? (As a heads up, this thread would’ve been better suited for the Biotest forum.)

Spike Double Shot is available in all three flavors (Original, Orange Gold, and Blue Raz), and Spike Energy is available in all three flavors. Spike Shooters do seem to only come in Original.

I don’t know for 100% certain, but usually when a flavor disappears, it’s because it straight-up wasn’t as popular as the others (as much as you or I might disagree with the decision). It’s a bummer, but I learned after Root Beer Surge Recovery disappeared that these thing happen.