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Spike - Faster?


So...Spike is out with a faster delivery system?

I don't know about you, but it took about 10 minutes for me to become perfectly alert after taking a Spike. I kept it by the bedside so I could take one as soon as I awoke. I kind of enjoyed the minutes-long interlude between deep sleep and that "ping" when I was suddenly wide-awake.

So much for those last-minute daydreams.


I ordered some for the first time like two days ago . . . I better be in on this!


I'm a little confused, too. Only took 5 minutes for me to start to feel the effects.

Powder's nearly instantaneous, too, though it taste's like ass.



Check the Supps thing on the front page. Good timing haha.


I can't imagine if this stuff is faster and possibly more powerful. I'd like to hear details from the big boys about this new update!


More powerful would be good news, not that Spike really 'needs' to be stronger per se.

Faster delivery, I dunno about. Is that something that a lot of people have complained about? The onset time?

From my experience, it was close to perfect. Take a Spike, drive to work/gym/martial arts and by the time I'd arrived it was working well.

It looks like each capsule has 50mg more formula, but each bottle has 10 less pills. :frowning:


Man I ordered one week to early. What's up with that? I didn't get this new version.


Yeah, I was about to order a bottle, but looks like it is out of stock. Can we get a little clarification on the new formula? I already thought that it worked quickly, and I hate to get 10 fewer pills, unless the new formula is going to be more potent.


And yeah: who was complaining that it took too long to work?

Seriously, however: can we get an "amen" for a company that has a great product, and then goes and makes it even more efficient?

With 50mg more formula in a capsule, I assume many people will be able to use 1 instead of 2, making a bottle last longer, even with fewer total capsules in it.

My post was responding TO the "Supps thing" on the front page.


I placed my order on Thursday, /w Spike included, but I doubt I got it in on time. I guess I'll know later on today.

So...what's the scoop on the new version?


Heh. What do you know?


More than you could possibly imagine.
(quoting from "Hitchhiker's Guide"; not trying to be a smartass; actually, I've never had to "try" to be a smartass)


Spike has always been on/off for me. Some days it does nothing..some days it's great...it's wierd. When it works though...wooohooO!


Regular Spike worked very well for me, even a small dose. Can't wait to try the new stuff!


I've got a few questions about Spike, maybe you can help me...

  1. What is the difference between the new "Rapid Release" Spike and the old "Nano-Dispersed" Spike?

  2. How long are the effects of Spike supposed to last after taking it?

  3. Will taking 2 capsules instead of 1 make the effects more powerful, or make the effects last longer?



Some track sprinters have very impressive physiques.

It's also a full-contact, explosive, high-Testosterone sport. Should be a good fit for Spike.


  1. With the nanodispersion you're focusing on addressing dissolution and increasing overall absorption. To put it simply, just increasing the amount you can get in to the bloodstream.

On other hand, with the rapid release, you're addressing the rate of disintegration. Provided that it's considered a rate-controlling or rate-limiting step with that particular compound, this can lead to the following:

  • Decreased time to onset of action (i.e., Quicker onset)
  • Increased peak concentration and in following
  • Increased duration of action

  • I haven't seen an exact duration of action established but I think most would say at least 3-4 hours.

  • That's something you'd need to determine for yourself. If taking more, in many cases yes, the end result may be a greater pharmacological effect and because blood levels are higher, lasting a greater duration of time. On the other hand, when you're talking about variables such as differences in xenobiotic metabolism, target tissue responsiveness, etc., it's never a sure bet that two will be significantly greater than one, at least in terms of the desired action.


just wondering if anyone has tried the new version and their results.. i ordered a bottle the other day and was just curious to the responses..thanks


Would it be OK to take 2 Spikes in the morning when I get up and take a 3rd at lunch to boost me through my evening workout?


I tried the new one yesterday. I usually take 1 in the morning and one in the mid afternoon. I came home for lunch to see my order of supps arrived and so I popped the new one after lunch and it seemed to hit harder than the capsule version. Overall, I like it, but I'll have to test it again tomorrow first thing in the morning to see if it's any different on an empty stomach.