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Spike Every Workout?


Is there a problem taking Spike before every workout? I love the supp, but for a while I took it before every workout and it seemed to lose effect. Then I stopped for 8 months.

Now I started using it again and have been for 2 months and it is still working great. The only problem is now I really feel my workouts lack if I don't have it, and I also tend to crash on off days.

Is there a problem with consistently using it 4-5 days a week? I feel like my workouts are okay after about 2-3 days off of it without it - it's like I need to break the dependance before my workouts are good again.

Should Spike be saved only for special occassions?


I think that it is weird that you crash on off days. How much are you taking. One thing you could try is the caffeine free version. If it really affects you this much then I think you are taking too much.

I think that it is bad that quality of your workouts depend on taking it. I believe that it should be used as a tool not as a crutch.

Based on the fact that your workouts return to normal after 2-3 days, I think that part of your problem is mental.

I take one before every workout mainly because I workout after work and I like the little wake me up it gives me. This is 4 times a week and it has never lost its affect or caused me to crash the next day.


I don't think the Spike is making you crash. You probably just need to recover from training, a little more sleep..... When I train real hard I am usually pretty tired and have to take some naps after work....

I agree that you shouldn't rely on Spike for training, use it as an aid.

Have you tried Caffeine-Free Spike or Power Drive?


I use it before every work out. If you find it becoming ineffective, take it on an empty stomach, 1/2 hour before your work out. A crutch? Hardly.

Next, someone will suggest that I should refrain from Surge so my "natural" recovery won't be compromised. Isn't Surge a crutch in this situation? Duh.

Spike up.


I use it every w/o. for me the caff free version and it hasnt failed me yet



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Thanks. I think it is a lot mental - if I just tell myself I'm awake and have energy I'm usually fine. It's weird how much difference your mind makes and how much just a little bit of doubt can impede you.


Oh that made me laugh


I use it once a week on heavy Bench day.