Spike During Exams

Hi all,
I’ve read the review of Spike by Kevin Kuzia and I’ve a lot of people talking about how great Spike is. I believe it, no doubt, but I was just wondering if anyone has used this stuff during exams and/or times of high stress and could tell me how much it helped them out. Again, I’m not doubting that it works, I’d just like some first hand information to satiate my curiousity. Thanks in advance for any info.

ps i got some exams coming up in a few weeks and I’ve got a bunch of other stuff to worry about. So, I’m really looking for something to help me out on those “slower” days(such as today, haha).

I would advise using it on non exam days for a week or so to see how it makes you feel.

I like the effect prior to lifting. I do not like the effect if I have to sit in one spot for 2 hours taking an exam. I did try it and it makes me feel a strong need to get up and move around.

There was an article TC wrote on this subject where he mentions that you’ll need to take the Spike for a week or so before your test. Otherwise, you won’t be properly “primed” for it’s benefits - i.e. you can’t necessarily take a dose and expect to have the benefits that same day.

Just something to keep in mind.

I dont think Spike decreases stress levels, I’ve never heard of it doing that.

It does however, increase energy, concentration, and give you ‘mental clarity’ (whatever that is haha).

I’ve tried some from a friend, I loved it. The feelings were very subtle, so you couldnt really feel anything while you were on it, but once it wore off (about 5 to 7 hours later, for me) you could definitly tell it did alot.

I used it when studying for my Series 7 exam (stockbrokers license). Ask anyone who’s taken it, it’s horrible to study for, very long, detailed and boring. Spike really kept me focused and I could study for hours on end, and I passed with flying colors, I definitely recommend it while you’re studying, and take it before your exams too.

I’m not convinced that it was a great help for my exams; but really proved it’s worth in studying for them.

I would take 2/day for the four days leading up to the exam and study. I was focused, concentrated, and felt that I was better able to absorb the content. I also took two on the test day, about an hour prior, and still felt focused. It’s just that, I didn’t feel like it helped me answer more questions.

Is Spike an A+ in a bottle? Get real, but it’s a godsend for studying.

I’ve taken law exams with Spike, and without Spike. The difference… isn’t that significant.

What are you really hoping it’ll do for you? What I mean is: if you know your stuff, you know your stuff, with or without it.

they say stimulants help to keep you awake but do not effect your precision or accuracy. Basically you are more awake but make as much or just as much mistakes.

However, from personal experience i’ve found some a mild stimulant actually helps me pay attention to details on exams, especially science ones where you seen this problem a million times but they are asking X form of the answer, when Y seems most logical way to express your answer.

anyway it just helps me in that sense.

I have found that it helps me concentrate and stay alert much better through a long day of school. I get very fidgety after the first 4 or 5 hours of classes usually, always picking at my fingernails or fidgeting with my pen. Though when I take Spike in the morning it lets me sit there and pay attention with out fidgeting.