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Spike Drink?


At my gym we have a Spike drink, seems to be the same product, comes from Biotest, same label; but I seem to get a better effect from the drink than I do with the pills. I've tried the pills for a couple of countinous days, and like it, but was a little bummed out but then tried the drink, and about 10-15 min later, I was like WOW, this is good. All the effects as the Spike article says. So I was wondering if this is common and why I don't see the drink accessable (T-Nation store or Biotest doesn't seem to have it on the websites)


Whoa, whoa, whoa!

There's a Biotest Spike drink???

When the heck were you people gonna TELL us?

I gots to get me some of that.


Yeah, hey whoa. What the hell?


Errrr dont think its made by Biotest if this is the one you're talking about. Did you read who its manufactured by?



You get more out of an energy drink then Spike?


Whats going on with this. I was told it was being looked into, but haven't heard anything? This stuff came from Biotest, Colorado Springs, same label and all. The flavor I had was called California crush, or something like that. Didn't taste good but WOW did it work. Come on somebody here has to know something. Why isn't this stuff everywhere. I mean I can even get Spike pills at the local GNC, this Spike water should be more available. Somebody respond


That would be a cool idea if they could make it taste decent.

I didn't know they already made one though.



Can you get us a picture of it? That sonds rather interesting.


Don't think it's a Biotest product. Of course, that doesn't mean it's not very good.


We experimented with a Spike drink a couple of years ago, but chose to go another route for a variety of reasons, number one being that the pills worked MUCH BETTER.

I suspect the bottles are from an early prototype batch.


Good Lord.

That's not the way our prototype bottle looked.

I don't know who's making this version, or how they decided they had the right to use our name.


Did anyone notice these drinks on the same page selling the Spike drink?




I'm pretty sure those are a staple of rainjack's supplementation regime.


Wow. Those are...........gay.