Spike Delayed Action

Is it possible to feel nothing from Spike 3 times in a row and then suddenly start feeling it? Has this happenend to anybody else? Is this a documented phenomenon? (If so, any theories why this happens?)

I think so. I’ve also had varied responses. The first couple times I had “energy” and could focus and was more productive it seemed with 1 pill. I upped to two pills and only felt the same thing, which was weird. About a week or two after using 2 every other day or so, I used 1 pill and I was all jittery.

By the way, the times I took it and the food I ate were the same, so it was nothing different in those regards.

The thing that changed for me was that this time I was rather sleep deprived and feeling shitty. It did nothing for me when I was normal. Then again, it might have been luck this time. I’ll test it again under similar conditions.