Spike & Carbolin 19

I am currently using Spike for my stimulant as I just finished a bottle of HOT-ROX Extreme and wanted to cycle it. I was wondering since I get a great lift from Spike would incorperating Carbolin 19 into my supplement regime benefit me?

I’m doing a clean bulk right now to get to 200lbs(currently 190lbs) but I consider myself a FFB and gain fat quiet easily. I’ve already noticed that after 2 weeks of not taking HRX that I’m getting my love handles back. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Read the Carbolin 19 thread. Cy says it’s a not so safe idea.

ive been doing this for about a month
i take Carbolin 19, 2 caps twice a day
and 2 Spike 3 days a week prior to training
im gonna have to recheck the Carbolin 19 thread to see what Cy Willson says