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Spike Before GRE?

I’m trying to decide if it would be wise to take Spike before the GRE, and I’m leaning towards no.

I’m thinking that since its such an important test, my arousal level will be very high naturally. I remember on the SAT I was naturally very focused through the whole thing. A GRE prep book I’ve been reading mentioned the finding that caffeine negatively affected performance on the test, since arousal levels were so high already.

I know Spike is more sophisticated than caffeine, but I’m still afraid it would either push me over the optimal level of arousal, or even worsen an already overaroused state. Thoughts?

If you’ve been taking Spike or been “on Spike” during study sessions, take the Spike. Wear the same clothes you wear when you study. If you study without your contacts in, take the test without your contacts in. Environmental stimulus is incredibly powerful, so stack everything in your favor. Make it as close to a “normal” day is possible. If you always beat off before studying, beat off before you take the test :slight_smile:

I always read playboys to increase my arousal level.

Have you tried Spike before?

If so, and you know what to expect, I say use it. I’ve taken it for study sessions and prior to tests (although none as major as a GRE) with nothing but positive experiences.

I never felt overly-stimulated or anxious at all (although I’m not one prone to test anxiety).

If you’ve used Spike before, I don’t really see how it would hurt. I think it would help your mental clarity, but I wouldn’t wait till the day of to test drive it.

Hope you can pull something out of this (and good luck on the test!).

I Spiked up before my GRE on Thursday. I scored much better on the test, than I did on the pre-tests. I scored a 460 on the verbal and a 590 on the Quantitative. The essays were a breeze, and I did each in about 15 minutes. I did the computerized test, and was done in less than 2 hours. I even did the experimental test section as well. I felt great afterwards too, even though I was pooped out mentally after the pretests. Give it a shot. -Starkdog

My brain power goes through the roof when I’m on Spike. I’d definitely say take it. I take two every time I have a major test. It hasn’t failed me yet.