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Spike at the Mr. Olympia


We thought you guys would like to see some pictures of Spike's "coming out party" at this past weekend's Mr. Olympia contest.

First, the Spike girls....


And here's the Spike bus!


The Spike girls on the Olympia stage.


The Spike girls showing off the Spike insignia (on their booties):


And a front shot of the Spike bus.


That's just not fair.


Why was I in Arizona covering a seminar?

Boo, I say. Boo!


15 Spike Girls. 15 Powerful Images? 15 submissions on the Ass Worship Thread? 15 different forum threads? Someone at T-Nation HQ is holding out on the Spike Girls pictures.


I hope you made it clear that Spike is for the MIND not for ED.


I like it!




I'm right there with ya!

Hey T.C., since I'm newly single how about you load up the bus and send it to my place. Give me a couple days notice so I can start mega-dosing the Alpha Male.



One word.....



Gotta love a company who is unabashed in their appeal to their target demographic.


You know what they saw about giving matches to a boy who lives in a tinder box.

Same thing applies to giving 15-bikini-clad babes to a guy with an overactive pecker.


When's the national tour???


Look for Spike to become "Out of Stock" in the near future. Better get your orders in fellas.



How much for Spike bus delivery?


Damn cool. When does the tour hit New York State?


Very nice, TC! Me like the Spike girls.