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Spike at My Gas Station

So there is Spike at my gas station right down the street…pretty happy about that.

Really? What area of the country are you in? I’d love to be able to get them locally. Even though I’m sure they are still cheaper to buy right from T-Nation.

Stores are still loading up on any energy drink they can find, I know people who still drink a red bull every day. lol

Yeah, I was shocked to go into my local 711 to find Spike there. Now, I pound one before every rugby game!

Two weeks ago, I bought Spike Shooters at a gas station in Southington, CT.

They were $3.19 a piece (OUCH!.. but WORTH IT!). I promptly ordered a case from Biotest…

They are 2.50$ a piece at my gas station…I live in south florida…palm beach county area.