Spike and Weight Loss?

Okay, exams are less than a week away and I’m working on keeping my good grades so I’m busting ass and like a little help when I’m studying so I normally take ephedrine and caffiene.

Only problem is I’m supposed to be bulking, and I’m sure they’re not helping things.

I realize with stress high and minimal sleep that I’ll probably only put on minimal mass if anything, but I sure as heck don’t wanna lose much weight.

Does Spike have the same kind of effect that ECA would in the weight loss respect?

I have not seen any indication that Spike or similar compounds would have any benefit (either inducing or reducing) in weightloss.

It does help however with lethargy while dieting.

As for studying, I personnaly feel that Spike offers superior cognitive enhancement to an E/C mix. Caffeine could still technically be added for some added benefits (since there is only a little in Spike).

Also for studying and warding off tiredness, remember that smaller, more frequent dosing of caffeine is supposed to be superior (while reducing the crash some feel with large intakes of caffeine).

Good luck in your exam and your bulk,

Why are you taking ephedrine for alertness? That’s not its intended purpose.

Drop the ephedrine and stay with just caffeine and you’ll be just fine. Spike would be good too, but not necessary. Save the ephedrine for a cut.