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Spike and Surge Timing


I am trying the above combo and was wondering about timing of the 3. I work til 6, and get to the gym and changed by about 6:30. I was thinking
5:45 Spike (1 tab)
6:00 start sipping Surge Workout Fuel (1 scoop), finish before I get to the gym
6:30 start sipping Surge Recovery (3 scoops), throughout, and finish as I leave

I don't like a post workout shake because then I have a hard time getting enough real food in before bed. Does timing look about right? Should I change anything?

Edit: I forgot to mention I eat something around 4 also.


Personally, I wouldn't take spike. It boosts and accelerates release of catecholamines and therefore might even reduce insulin sensitivity. Blood catecholamine concentrations rise during workouts. That's why post-workout shakes are not that effective, since this hinders insuline release.
But it's a matter of personal preference. If you think you need Spike, take it.

SWF workout -30min is great. Don't sip it. Gulp. If you drink it 30 minutes before the workout, most of the ingrediens will be available when the workout begins.

Surge Recovery is optimally taken something like 10-15 minutes before the workout. You want to spike insulin before the workout starts.


Yeah, I bought the Spike to take because I go after work, after sitting at a cubicle all day at a mind numbing job. It
1). Gives me energy
2). Helps me focus
3). If I take a Spike, I'm guaranteed to go to the gym to burn off that energy

So I'll gulp the SWF at 6, and then when I get to the gym at 6:30, I'll mix the Surge Recovery and start sipping as I warm up


I forgot to add, I'm going to also throw some creatine in with the SWF.

Anyone else have any opinions on the Spike? Thanks


That's perfectly fine. I like spike, too. But I usually wake up during my warm-up...

Good idea. I'd try to drink the Surge Recovery 15 minutes before I touch the first weight (first warm-up set with weights). Don't be too anal about the timing, though.

Sipping on hydrolized casein during the workout is also a good idea, as you might know.


Take it several hours prior to training to mobilize free fatty acids prior to training.


Several hours? I don't know, I'd think I would get too antsy.