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Spike and Summer School

This has been a busy summer for me. I took 11 hours of courses in two 5-week sessions, and also had eye surgery. This last 5-week session, I took Biology, a 4 hour class. I popped 2 Spike caps with my breakfast, and was buzzing by the time I made it on campus. I looked forward to spending 2 hours/day in lecture, and the other two in lab. Spike really helped me “see” things.

The last time I had biology was my freshman year of high school in 1992, and I had forgotten a lot of what I learned. With Spike, I was remembering detailed processes of mitosis and meiosis that I had learned 13 years ago. It was so surreal to be sitting there with laser-like focus, instantly processing lecture notes in real-time, as other students shuffled in place, and some slept. I felt like I has an AMD Opteron Processor in my head, as I could instantly understand what was being said, and I could foresee what was going to be discussed. I also attribute some of this to my major of Industrial Technology. In Industrial tech, we see things holistically( a process or system made of smaller inter-related components), whereas other people in class saw things as many unconnected pieces. I tried to explain the workings of mitosis to them, but I only saw blank stares. Out of the 64 students in that class, I was the only one to make an A.

Thanks Tim Patterson and Biotest for bringing forth such quality products and 24th century innovations to the 21st century. -The Starkdog

24th century tech? When Biotest comes out with a panacea pill full of nanoprobes, I’ll bestow such an honor on their products ;-).

Hey I will get My Spike Today or Tomorrow… My Mom gave me some Adderal once to help me with a long late night drive. Ill post on how that compares LOL. BTW I drove from Houston Texas to Atlanta Georgia and back to Montgomery Alabama in 16 hours.

     felt good too.