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Spike..... and Nicotine!?


OK, so I was a smoker for a while (cigarettes) - took some Spike several months ago while approaching a MAJOR deadline at work - MAN, I was Spiked. I could feel my hair grow. Quit smoking cigs for new year's, tried a Spike again a few days ago, NADA.

For Valentine's Day, the wife gave me a tin of Dark Star pipe tobacco - PHENOMINAL stuff - so I tried a pipefull with a Spike tonight before sitting down to put the finishing touches on our cut before submitting to the Seattle Film Festival, and MAN - what a combination. NOTHING else has done this - not Spike and Coffee, or anything.

Anyone have a similar experience? Any ideas as to how/why this might be?



Same thing for me. I smoke a little here and there. Everytime I had a cig while spiked it was greatly intensified.

Same thing happened with alcohol, THC, and caffeine. Spike seems to intensive any other substance your on.

For the record, I don't recommend doing so though. Use at your own risk


Well, I think it's related to both having dopaminergic effects to some extent.

Though, I wouldn't recommend someone doing so for recreational purposes.


The other thing about Nicotine and Spike is that it seems to trigger a second peak, even up to 10 or 12 hours after the inital dose.

...could this also be attributed by the two chemicals using similar mechanisms? Or is it possible that the one causes a shift in the pharmokinetics of the other? (I haven't noticed such a pronounced effect with caffiene, for example, as I did with Nicotine).


I think this would be more related to a pharmacodynamic interaction. Caffeine and nicotine have been shown to potentiate the effects of one another in some cases.

Concurrent administration has actually shown that nicotine will generally decrease caffeine concentrations and caffeine will decrease nicotine concentrations.


interesting.... so much for the 'ole "coffee and cigarettes" theory. Thanks, Cy.