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Spike and Hunger


Does taking Spike (drink or pill) make anyone super hungry?

It makes me very hungry; either way I take it.

I just took it a little while ago at work to wake my ass up a little bit. Done.

But i've noticed that taking it makes me hungry. It also throws my bathroom schedule way off by making me have an extra trip there.

This isn't something new; but its on my mind while I have time to write about it to you all.

Anyone else have this happen? Or am I the only one?


I will agree on the extra trip to bathroom, but any stimulant does that to me.

As for the hunger. I only take Spike before workouts and I am always hungry after I workout regardless of the Spike, so I can't really say.


Stimulants = poops.

Great stimulants = great poops. It's a match made in heaven!

If anything Spike DECREASES my appetite. But I've always been sensitive to that particular aspect of caffeine.


I have taken Spike a few times, and it makes me EXTREMELY hungry. I feel like I could eat a horse for about 4-5 hours afterwards lol. I wonder what ingredient can have that side effect.



well put sir.

I'm not really sure what ingredient causes it; but there has to be something.

HRX and Spike both make me super hungry if I take them on an empty stomach (like you should). But only Spike makes me take that extra sh*t; and its usually an urgent one at that!